Starting a new blog is an existing moment in ones life. What to blog about, who is gonna read it, and what will they think of it? Honestly there is only one way to find that out, JUST DO IT. So that's what I did. I created a list of things I could chat about, mostly related to coding, but not necessarily. I'll skip elaborate explanations about who I am and what I do, for that checkout my portfolio.

I did put some effort into searching for the proper tooling, since there is much already on the market. I decided on using Ghost, since it fits best with what I want from a blog tool. Skin it a bit with the Material theme, and as an Android developer, I have everything I want! Discussion are powered using Disqus. Alright.. that wraps up the setup part, now for the interesting stuff!


Like I said, most topics will be tech or coding related, but not all. Posts are tagged, and here is the list of tags that can be used to quickly find what you are looking for. I'll try my best to not make it a dull textbase exercise. Also I aim to make fresh content, and not just copy snippets from other blogs and sites into a new post.