David Hardy
Fullstack Developer



Creating a component library, and make a big enterprise level application landscape? Or want to quickly create prototype PWA? Both are familiar to me using the latest version of Angular, and heavily integrate with my Rx knowledge.


Several successful products I've launched into the work using Firebase. From Auth to Hosing, from Functions to Firetore, I am fluent with all. I've given several international workshops spreading awareness of this amazing serverless product.


Every great application needs a backend, albeit serverless or traditional. With Spring I've created backends designed to scale to any number of users, and expose their goods effortlessly.


The leading mobile operating system of our time is one of my key expertises. In more than 4 years of working experience, I've seen many nooks and crannies of this amazing OS. The quality of the code I produce is of exemplary standard.


For more than 4 years I've been working as a Scrum Development Team member. I've worked with Scrum in small - 1 team - projects, but also in SAFe environments up to 17 team on one project. I've worked as Scrum Master and Product Owner, I am a proud owner of the PSPO I certificate. Also I've been involved in transforming organisation to the agile way of working, with success.


I've been working as a Software Consultant for over 6 years. I am proficient with many programming languages, including (but not limited to); Java, Kotlin, Javascript, Typescript, HTML/CSS, C#, C++, C, Objective C and Swift. I share my knowledge during presentations at several conferences.


Craftsman at work


Conferences, meetups and other live events.

Upcoming public talks

Workshop: GCP Serverless 101 - Firebase
Novisad, Serbia - October 11, 2018
Craftsmen Meetup - October 25, 2018

Recent public talks

Workshop: GCP Serverless 101 - Firebase
Craftsmen Meetup - August 2, 2018

Workshop: Java streams and RxJava
codecentric Summercouse - September 23, 2018
Craftsmen Meetup - October 24, 2017
codecentric Summercouse - August 27, 2017

Progressive Web Apps
Craftsmen Meetup - June 15, 2018

RxFirebase: A case study
Craftsmen Meetup - March 10, 2017

Mockito vs JMockit, battle of the mocking frameworks
Big Android BBQ - August 15, 2016
Craftsmen Meetup - May 13, 2016

How to convince your colleagues to switch to Kotlin
Dutch Android User Group Meetup - April 25, 2016

Introduction into the math behind Augmented Reality
Droidcon NL - November 23, 2011


This is a selection of the projects I've worked on.

De Volksbank - Mijn Omgeving

Angular Developer

WCC - Employement Platform

Backend Developer, Techlead

The Unofficial - Onn

Fullstack Developer, Architect

Senior Homescreen

Android Developer, Architect

Philips Avent - uGrow

Android Developer, Techlead

Philips - Hue Point of Sales

Android Developer

TomTom - RRC

Android and C++ Developer

TomTom - SDK

Android Developer

Christmas Beer Festival

Android and iOS Developer

Deltares - Riptide

iOS Developer

PatientLine - Infotainment

C# Developer


A brief history of my working career.

  • 1985

    David Hardy

    I'm from the south of the Netherlands, where I live with my wife. I enjoy playing volleyball and developing in my spare time.

  • 2006

    Bachelor of Engineering

    At Avans University of Applied Sciences I studied Electrical Engineering. I was particularly interested in the field of Technical Computer Sciences.

  • Januari 2011

    Master of Science

    My studies were successfully completed early in 2011. I did my Masters at Eindhoven University of Technology, in the field of Embedded Systems, and took additional courses in Image Processing and Cryptographic Systems. During my Master Theses I researched the field of Augmented Reality on mobile devices.

  • Januari 2011

    Alten PTS

    Right from the start I knew that I wanted to go into consultancy. Alten PTS gave me the opportunity to develop my skill set, both in-house and at customers.

  • Januari 2011

    IT Mobile - Fleet Management

    Short Android project, creating a prototype for a fleet management app. The UI needed to be fully customizable, without recompiling the app.

  • April 2011

    Patientline - Infotainment

    Bedside infotainment system for hospitalized patients, giving patients access to TV, telephony and internet. With a small team we created both the front end and the backend. In the process our team won Microsoft's Windows Embedded Excellence Award EMEA.

  • June 2012

    TomTom - NavKit SDK Team

    NavKit is TomTom's navigation engine that is used in the latest TomTom Go products and licensed to automotive customers. Our team created tutorials, reference code and fast prototypes on Android. Customers receive our library that show how use the NavKit APIs in a scalable and modular way.

  • November 2013

    TomTom - RRC

    Recreating success of the Android SDK in C++. By popular demand the Android library that show how use the NavKit APIs, had to be ported to C++, so that both iOS and automotive customers can directly incorporate the reference code into their projects.

  • Jule 2014

    High Tech ICT

    After 4 years it was time for the next step in consultancy. High Tech ICT offers highly skilled software engineers that are experts in their field, which is a perfect fit with my expertises.

  • July 2014

    Philips - PInS Software

    At Philips Innovation Services we help Philips departments with specific knowledge. I am part of the Mobile group, where we create various apps, either for production, or Philips Research. We also create shared code libraries, so that other teams can focus on UX, and our libraries do the heavy lifting.

  • April 2016


    I found a new consultancy challenge near my home town. Codecentric is fully focused on Agile, and using this focus to create complex systems in Java context. Combined with my UX and mobile experience this is a great match to work on in-house projects.

  • April 2016


    The public employment market is an interesting field. At WCC we cater with tailor made software, and with a Platform as a Service to large semi-government players all across the globe. I am the Techlead of the team responsible for creating this PaaS from scratch, whilst making sure it fits withing the product line and vision already established.

  • November 2017

    De Volksbank

    After almost 2 years it was time for me to get back at one of my passions, creating applications for people. At the Volksbank we are creating a suite of new generation internet banking. Starting with creating a multi brand component library, we create multi brand applications reusable for various settings.

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